Making more space for nature in Cornwall

Field margins are full of life at Pentire, Cornwall

At Pentire Farm we are working closely with our tenant farmer to extend a wildlife-rich area of semi natural habitat to cover the whole of the farm.

At Pentire Farm we are working closely with our tenant farmer to manage the whole headland in a way that enhances the existing wildlife. It also means that new habitats and places for nature are being created.

Farming for the future

We are introducing grazing with cows over the majority of the farm to check the growth of scrub, gorse and bracken. This allows delicate plant species space to grow along with the insects and birds and bats that rely on them.

We are keeping some fields of crops like barley, but managing them in a much more traditional way. This allows space within the crop for flowers and room for birds to nest as well as seed-rich winter stubbles  which have been largely lost from the wider landscape. We are growing the crops without pesticides, fertilisers or insecticides.

Skylark population increasing

We have already seen that the skylark population has increased at Pentire as a result of starting to manage it differently. We will continue to monitor changes in  wildlife into the future.

We hope that by 2020 the farm will be species-rich throughout. We are planning increased access to this area, so that visitors will be able to enjoy the wildlife.