New Year’s resolutions in the East of England

A couple of ladies enjoying a drink in the garden

The problem with New Year’s resolutions is that we often mean well, but how many of us fulfill them? So here's a little inspiration, a to do list if you like, just for January to kick start your year.

10 things to do in 31 days

1. Discover somewhere new

Discover some of the hidden gems on your doorstep. Even the places you may know well are likely to have exciting new projects and stories to share. 

2. Volunteer your time

You don't need to be an expert or a history buff to become a volunteer at the National Trust, you just need enthusiasm and time to spare. With lots of different roles available, you’ll not only join us in caring for our special places, but you’ll make a whole host of great friendships along the way.

3. Refresh your mind, body and soul on a walk with nature

Going for a long walk can stimulate the senses, as well as the muscles and you don’t need to venture far to find yourself in the great outdoors, up close to nature and breathing in some fresh air! We’ve a selection of downloadable walks to help you on your way.

4. Get active at your local parkrun 

It may not look too inviting outside right now but this could be the year to enjoy some of our country’s most beautiful countryside and coast while getting fit at the same time. We’re always welcoming new runners to the weekly parkruns at our places.

5. Capture the world a day at a time

Instead of writing a diary, try challenging yourself to capture a photo a day. From the places you’ve been, the people you meet or objects that catch your eye. You’ll be able to look back in years to come and cherish the memories. 

6. Make time for friends  

What better way to catch up with friends than over a cuppa? We'd just like to say, the resolution of starting a diet was never going to end well with a visit to one of our tea-rooms! It’s always about doing things in moderation, so a slice of cake here and there is okay, right? At least the carrot cake sounds healthy!

7. Book your next holiday with us

Perfect for those wanting to get away from it all, every time you book a stay in one of our holiday cottages, your support enables us to carry out the vital conservation work that’s needed to care for these special places for future generations to come.

8. Give nature a helping hand

Winter can be an incredibly hard time of year for birds with less food available and lower temperatures putting greater pressure upon their energy resources. A great way to help is to put up nest boxes, where birds can raise a clutch of young come the spring. 

9. Challenge yourself to try a new recipe 

Love eating out, but enjoy the comfort of home. Cooking at home can still result in some tasty dishes that will be the envy of your friends. Why not mix things up with a new recipe? We’ve pulled together a selection of recipes that use the best of seasonal produce too. 

10. Help protect places that matter to you 

Historic buildings in need of restoration, countryside and the nature that calls it home disappearing. The places we all love need your support like never before. Together we can look after these special places for ever, for everyone.