Playing our part in the Lake District community

Visitors to the Lake District enjoying woodland activities at Footprint

People and communities are part of the living fabric of the Lake District. These local skills and knowledge help to bring our work to life here. We’ll make sure our work continues to create benefits for the communities in the Lakes, and we’ll play our part in supporting new opportunities for local livelihoods and local businesses.

We're facing a new set of challenges, such as Brexit, here in the Lakes.

These are shifting times in the rural economy; old certainties, like farm subsidies and access to export markets look set to change. This shakes the viability of many of the rural businesses that help make the Lake District what it is. We would argue that land, the outdoors, and nature in the Lake District will only increase in their relevance and material value to society.

" With these challenges, there will come fresh enterprise opportunities. So we’ll help pursue this to forge a more reliable business model for powering the Lakes and supporting its communities; one that isn’t so bound to a narrow range of markets and grants."
- Mike Innerdale, Assistant Director, Lake District