Feel like you’re always switched on and swiped out? Looking for a break where you can disconnect from the electronic hubbub and just be in the moment? We’ve handpicked a special selection of remote and secluded cottages in unique locations, to help you get the quiet quality time you’re craving.

Without the distraction of phones, internet, TV or – if you choose – other people, you can truly unwind, de-stress and enjoy the peace and rejuvenating effects of wildlife. Inside our remote cottages, you’ll find comfort and character. Step out the door and your spirits will be lifted with birdsong and walks less travelled.

From spacious sea view cottages for all the family, to cosy cabins in the heart of rolling countryside, we’ve got perfect cottages for secluded holidays. There’s no excuses – it’s time to be still, look up and reconnect with nature.

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You can almost hear the birdsong. Whether you're looking for off-grid getaways, cosy breaks or family adventures, browse our character-filled holiday cottages and find the one for you.