See Beatrix Potter’s dolls' house at Hill Top

Visitors at Hill Top admire Beatrix Potter's dolls' house

One of the many treasures you can see at Hill Top, Beatrix Potter’s house, is her dolls’ house.

Peek into Beatrix Potter's dolls' house in Hill Top's Treasure Room, and you're likely to spot some familiar furnishings and items used in the illustrations from The Tale of Two Bad Mice.

What to look out for...

See if you can recognise the baby's cradle, the birdcage, the metal fireplace or the tiny set of plates and spoons. Bring a copy of the tale with you or buy one in the shop to play a game of 'I spy'.

More dolls’ houses in the North West:

  • At Wordsworth House, Cumbria, you can read or write poetry, play word games and explore the dolls’ house, which was built by staff to resemble the house
  • The nursery bedroom at Lyme Park, Cheshire, is full of Edwardian toys to play with, including a beautiful dolls’ house