The garden at Bodnant is about to get bigger and better

Old park at Bodnant

Thanks to your support we have been able to restore a further 22 acres at Bodnant Gardens and will be opening it to the public in March 2017.

‘This means Bodnant will be both bigger and better for future visitors,’ says Head Gardener John Rippin.

‘Bigger because there will be more garden areas to explore, experience and enjoy.

‘Better because there will be new vistas and panoramic views to discover, more colour on show, more seasonal highlights throughout the year. As well as a more satisfying menu of newly refurbished world class garden areas and designed landscapes to experience.’

Bodnant was created in 1874 with plants collected from around the world by Victorian industrialist Henry Pochin. It was further developed by his descendants and donated it to the National Trust in 1949.

Garden getting bigger

Since 2013 we have been working hard to open more and more of the garden to the public.

We began with the new Winter Garden and the Old Park being opened. Then in 2014 the Yew Dell was opened.

In 2015 Far End was opened, winning Horticulture Week magazine’s Custodian Award for Best Garden Restoration/Development Project.

In 2016 the Bath was recreated as a tropical paradise full of colour and exotic plants.

We are currently working on Furnace Hill and Meadow which will open in March 2017.

We also have plans to replant the famous Canal Terrace with a contemporary style scheme that is designed to reach a peak of colour and impact in the months of August and September.

Bold ambitions

‘There is still a huge amount to do, though,’ says Rippin. ‘The Terraces and top parts of the garden will all have new planting schemes and strong design elements introduced to raise their impact and there are still other areas of the garden to open, culminating with the Heather Hill in 2020.

‘Our ambition is to recreate Bodnant as a 21st Century Garden that will rival any other garden in the world.’