Our dear Dunham deer

A fallow deer grazes in the Park at Dunham Massey

We adore our deer at Dunham Massey but the park offers more besides. Learn about the park's wartime history and visit the mill - the oldest building at Dunham Massey.

The park during the First World War

During the First World War a small section of the park between Smithy Drive and Charcoal Drive was open to the public. The soldiers had access to the park and spending time outside was encouraged. Of course the fallow deer herd roamed the park then as they do now. The Stamford Hospital 'rules' ask patients to respect 'out of bounds' notices. These days our 'out of bounds' areas are deer sanctuaries, places to which the deer herd can retreat.

Deer diary: spring

  • The herd splits between groups of female does and male bucks with last year's young still keeping close by the does
  • The bucks start to gather in ‘summering areas’ - a brilliant place to see this is in front of the hall but please keep a safe distance
  • You may notice that bucks will begin to drop their antlers in a process called ‘casting’
  • As soon as they are lost, their antlers grow back with a velvet like texture

Dogs at Dunham deer park

Dogs on leads are welcome in the deer park. If you'd like to walk your dog off a lead, you can go to the North Park - ask for directions on arrival. Sorry, dogs are not allowed in the formal garden, shop or restaurant.

The Mill

The Mill is the oldest building in the park. It is closed over the winter but opens from 14 February, Saturday - Wednesday from 12 - 4pm, when you can visit to see the wheel and Dunham Ripper in action.

Take a walk with us

Join us to discover more about Dunham on one of our park walks. We organise a daily park walk at 1.30pm. Themed guided walks take place on the first Saturday of the month at 11am.

Keep an eye on the events listing for family walks in school holidays.