Visitor GPS Tracking Trial

Langdale Pikes

Sign-up as a volunteer for our visitor GPS tracking trial and help us improve the visitor experience to Langdale and the Lake District.

What are we doing?

We are gathering information as part of a wider project to understand our visitors and their visits to Langdale and the Lake District. The resulting data will be used to influence our future planning for the area.

When are we doing it?

18th - 21st August
23rd - 24th September
23rd - 25th October

What will volunteers need to do?

Quite simply, you'll do exactly what you would do if you weren't taking part in the trial - you'll enjoy Langdale and the surrounding area as you originally intended, doing the activities and visiting the places you originally planned to see.

The only extra thing that we ask of you is that you fill in a survey at the Sticklebarn at the end of the process.

How will volunteers be tracked?

We’ll give you a GPS tracker which creates a live trace while you are carrying it. We will not be watching 'live' other than to check that the technology is working. Your visit to the Lakes will be private while you are here. The data will be reviewed after your visit along with the survey you will complete when you hand the tracker back.

Although we will record some basic information about your group (couple, family, individual and age) we will not be able to attribute individual traces back to the wearer.

What we'll do for volunteers

In return for helping us out with the trial we are offering the following;

  • A meal voucher at the Sticklebarn to the following value - £60 family, £30 couple, £15 individual
  • Coffee, soft drinks and cakes for your group while you complete the survey
  • A return visit to Langdale Campsite on us (2 pod nights to be taken between November 2017 and March 2018)

If you are visiting the campsite during any of the above periods and would like to help us out, please email or call 07769 670933 for further details.