Meander through gorgeous gardens

Flowers in the Walled Garden

Designed with 'wow' moments and vistas in mind, we're putting Gibside back together, piece by piece for an unbeatable garden experience.

You see, Gibside is often mistaken for a country park, however, ironically this landscaped garden is engineered to the 'n'th degree by its creator, coal baron George Bowes. 

With over 600 acres of woodland, gardens, paths, ruins and a chapel, at every spot you turn, you'll see a prominent feature. It's that clever.

There's no pressure to make it around all in one day, these gardens are to be enjoyed so you can come back any day.

Flowers in the Walled Garden

The Walled Garden 

This little hub of activity is one not to miss. Spanning 3.5 acres we've developed it from an old car park into something rather beautiful, and with the help of an HLF funded project called The 3Rs, we're breathing even more life into this special little gem.

The final design worked on by Jardine Couture and Allard Newall

The Pavilion in the walled garden

With the help of 18 Northumbria students and a local design company, we've added another new element to the walled garden. As part of the Heritage Lottery Fund 3Rs project, we introduce the Pavilion...

A view of the willow labrynth

The Willow Orchid Maze

Stroll through the walled garden this summer and discover a new willow structure. Inspired by Gibside's horitcultural history, and with the help and creativity of volunteers and local crafts people, this is an ideal way to view the garden differently, as well as enjoy a moment of reflection.

The hall at Gibside viewed across the wildflower meadow

Celebrating magnificent meadows

With the lighter evenings and some sunshine, the meadows are starting to awaken. Although they may be in fairly small patches there are a few dotted around the estate and they are oh, so important.