Join us for May half-term at Gibside

A girl walking with a stick

Whether you're a regular or a first-time visitor to Gibside, we believe that every time you come here, you should have an adventure. This May half-term we're celebrating the almighty stick.

From Saturday 25 to Sunday 2 June we're celebrating the humble, yet versatile stick with free activities every day 11am to 3pm.

Green Close Field will be the basecamp and will be sectioned into four zones: The creative zone, activity zone, chill zone and the big picture zone.

In the creative zone you'll find craft activities which will change throughout the week such as making a picture frame or a lantern. But all of them will involve sticks in some way. 

The activity zone is where you'll be able to play a range of games, ideal for the older kids.

The big picture zone: Did you ever watch Art Attack? Well, this is our version of 'big art attack'. We've created the outline of an image and we need you to collect a stick from somewhere within the gardens or woodlands and take it on a journey with you, all the way to the big picture zone. Here, you'll add your stick to the shape for the big art attack.

Ideal for all the parents, make time to visit the chill zone. Here you'll find comfortable chairs and beanbags to relax.

On Fridays and Saturdays it's summer nights. Catch up with friends, enjoy a pint and play at Strawberry Castle Play Area. We're open until 9pm.

Free for National Trust members, or normal admission charges apply.

A girl does a cartwheel at Gibside

Join us for summer nights

Bring the whole family for a day out. We're now open for longer on Friday and Saturday evenings, ideal for during the school holidays. You can join us for a free activity and then stay for tea time. There'll be street food on a Friday and the bar is open until 9pm on Saturdays too. Round off the day with an adventure at Strawberry Castle play area. (Free for National Trust members or normal admission charges apply).