Get involved this autumn

Gibside's Avenue in autumn

The avenue, or long walk, is one of the most visited and loved areas of this eighteenth-century landscaped garden and this autumn we're asking for your help.

From Monday 22 October to Sunday 4 November, adult and child sized gloves, leaf rakes and barrows will be on the avenue.

But they're not just a general addition. They're available for you to use.

We're hoping that you will be able to help us gather and bag all of the fallen leaves. Once the leaves are raked, there will be Jute compostable bags to fill. Labels will also be available for anyone who would like to write their name or a message and attach it to the bag.

Why not just leave the leaves on the ground we hear you ask? With so many trees framing the avenue, there are a lot of leaves falling during the autumn time. If the fallen leaves are left and walked into the grass, it will die. 

The avenue stretches half a mile long and is an important part of the garden layout. As part of a design created by Stephen Switzer (1682 – 1745), this streamline corridor was created to connect two of George Bowes’ personal gems; his Chapel and Column to Liberty.

Once the leaves are raked and bagged, we’ll recycle them.

Leaf mould makes great mulch for our garden soil and the bags break down naturally adding to the compost.

As a conservation charity, we rely on your support to help us to look after special places like Gibside and this way, you can feel a part of it too.

Gibside is open from 10am to 4pm throughout the winter (open at 9.30am on Saturdays and Sundays).