Getting around: Mobility vehicle service

Disabled visitor riding a 'tramper' at Gibside

Starting with the chapel in 1965, we’ve been piecing this 18th century landscape garden back together for everyone to enjoy.

As visitor figures continue to increase, the balance of conservation and being a popular visitor attraction remains a challenge.

In the past we have offered a regular shuttle bus service for all visitors. Unfortunately, the result of this has been damage to species-rich meadows, the grass verges, a decline in wildlife figures and an effect on those enjoying a walk at Gibside. 

There’s also a cost to maintaining the road. So far during 2017 alone, we have already spent £2037 on maintaining it and to repair the more severe parts of the road this year will cost a further £8000.

So, we've introduced a new mobility vehicle service that is on offer for those who require assistance getting around the estate. It will be aimed specifically at those who are unable to make the walk from visitor reception to the market place and the stables.  

There'll be two routes:

  • One route is between visitor reception and market place, on request every day between 10am and 5pm (except when it is running to the stables).
  • The other is from market place to the stables, which will depart from market place at quarter past every hour, and leave from the stables at half past every hour.

We’re hoping that by reducing traffic throughout the estate we will improve and future-proof habitats for wildlife such as butterflies, dragonflies, grass snakes, roe deer and more, which could mean you will see even more of it while you’re out and about. 

Not to mention, improve the overall presentation of this beautiful place. 

The garden team spend a lot of time and money on turfing and tidying road edges to try and improve presentation; unfortunately, the volume of traffic using the estate roads can lead to damaged verges or cutting corners can mean they leave tyre tracks or ruts so the hard work is undone and the estate looks uncared for. 

There are four downloadable walking routes available, as well as having the freedom to enjoy your own. There are pathways through the walled garden, to the orangery, along the avenue and towards Strawberry Castle play area. 

If you would like to book a tramper, there are two available for hire on a first come, first served basis. They can be booked in advance by calling 01207 541820.