Gibside Sewing Group

An image of a material apple

Whether you are new to sewing, or have been doing it as long as you can remember, the Gibside Sewing Group is open for anyone to join.

Originally set up as part of the Heritage Lottery Funded 3 Rs project, The Sewing Group meet every Thursday morning at 11.30am in the main café.

They're a friendly bunch of around seven, who have used their talents to help us bring many elements of the offer at Gibside to life. 

During the past year the group of around seven (and growing), have been involved in a national Embroiderers' Guild exhibition, celebrating Apple Week by creating a numerous fabric apples and a tree (see the image above) and designing masterpieces for during the festive season.

Or they may be involved in a particular area. Such as designing and making a made-to-measure curtain for the chapel to help prevent birds from mistakenly flying in.

Here are just a few of the highlights

A handmade curtain created by the Sewing Group

The chapel curtain

To celebrate James Paine's tercentenary - a Sewing Group member and National Trust volunteer designed a woodland scene and the group set to work on creating this masterpiece. This is a crucial addition to the chapel as it prevents the birds from accidently flying into the chapel.

Two bells sewed onto material

The 12 days of Christmas

For Christmas 2016 the group created 12 large banners. Each one depicting a scene from the well known song 'The 12 days of Christmas'. They were placed in the Walled Garden, and this Christmas they are in the main café.

A member's textile work

Landscape and Gardens of Gibside

From the 8th June, don't be alarmed if you walk into the Walled Garden and see lots of teatowels on display, we haven't gone mad, this is a nod to Capability Brown's anniversary. Landscape and Gardens of Gibside is one to look at closely...