The Christmas trail for schools

Festive lights across the fire

Every year Mrs Claus adds the magic to Rudolph and all the other reindeers' food so they can fly around the world with Father Christmas delivering all the presents.

However, this year, there's been a slight mishap.

When Mrs Claus was busy collecting all of the children's present lists the magic food sacks fell off the sleigh here at Gibside.

Luckily, you and your classmates can follow the trail and help us to find the reindeer sacks so they can be returned to Mrs Claus ready for Christmas Eve. Phew.

As we make our way around the trail, you'll discover the origins of the well known Christmas traditions, sing Christmas songs and discover what some of our woodland animals get up to in the winter.

Once we've found all of the food sacks, we'll head to Ice House Dene woods to learn about the yule log and toast a marshmallow on the campfire.

Book to take part in the Christmas trail which runs from 12 November and through December. £3.25 per child, plus VAT. For more information or to book please ring 01207 541200 or e-mail.