Self-led walks at Gibside

Follow our self-led walks. Build a den, play at Strawberry Castle and tackle the row ropes challenge with our family walk. Enjoy views across Northumberland on the Skyline Walk or walk through history on our Parkland Walk.

Family walking by the river
Walking trail

Go on an adventure 

With all the highlights on offer at Gibside, perhaps a family trail is up your alley? Start at Visitor Reception and make your way around the estate including a stroll down the Avenue and stopping at all the important places, of course, like Strawberry Castle Play Area.

Visitors with the Orangery in the distance, at Gibside, Tyne and Wear
Walking trail

Liberty Trail 

Created by George Bowes, inherited by Mary Eleanor and nearly destroyed by 'Stoney', see the grand historic features that play a huge part in Gibside's story and garden design.

View over the Lily Pond towards the Column to Liberty at Gibside, Tyne and Wear
Walking trail

Valley Views trail 

Enjoy far reaching views across the Derwent Valley and historically designed vistas through Gibside, many created as part of the historic garden design.