Sunken lawns project

Godolphin side garden summer

The garden team have been working on renewing the boarders surrounding the sunken lawns in the side garden. The team have successfully replanted the first boarders with healthy new plants to bring renewed life to the existing boarders of the garden.

The unhealthy plants and overgrown shrubs have been replaced with native and cottage garden perennials to celebrate and emphasise the ancient formality of the structure of the garden. The boarders are now full of traditional, scented plants and native wild flowers to encourage bees, butterflies and other wildlife.

A bee flying from flower to flower in the side garden
Godolphin bee flying to flower
A bee flying from flower to flower in the side garden

The plants that the team have planted are either derivatives of native plants or non-natives that resemble native plants such as aquilega, white foxgloves, lupin and oxeye daisy. The garden at Godolphin is being managed for wildlife and to provide a beautiful garden full of flowers and scent for people to enjoy all year.

Walking around the garden is a tranquil experience, the flowers growing tall and wild, a perfect opportunity to lose track of time. You can visit the potting shed to read more information about the garden, and shelter from an unexpected rain shower!