50 things to do before you're 11¾ at Hardwick Hall

Young people learning to cook over a fire

Get outdoors and closer to nature by trying our 50 things to do before you're 11¾. Here are our top 10 fun things to do outside at Hardwick.

Climb a tree

There are plenty of trees at Hardwick to climb and play in. We also have balance trails near the Miller's Pond - see if you can balance on the fallen logs.

Make a daisy chain

Visit Hardwick during summer and you'll find lots of daisies to make necklaces and bracelets with.
Just pierce the stem of a daisy and thread another through the hole. Keep going until you have a lovely chain.

Try orienteering

Can you find your way using a map and compass? Have a go at our orienteering trail at Hardwick and see if you can follow the right route.

Catch a butterfly

Bring a butterfly net with you and try to catch some beautiful butterflies and magical moths in the park.

Build a den

Take part in our August activities this summer and have a go at our holiday boredom busters. There'll be lots of outdoor activities for children to join, including building dens and making mud pies.

Climb a really big hill

Take a walk in Hardwick Park and climb up the really big hill towards the Hall. The view from the top is definitely worth it.

Find treasure

Pinpoint the location of the geocache or treasure box hidden at Hardwick using a GPS device or your smartphone. Once you've found the geocache, what will you discover inside?

Fly a kite

'Let's go fly a kite, up to the highest height.' Hardwick is situated right on top of a hill so it gets breezy up here - perfect for kite flying. Bring yours along when you visit.