Summer fun for families at Hardwick

Den building Killerton Devon

There are plenty of things to do for families at Hardwick this summer. With acres of gardens and woods to explore, there’s always something to do come rain or shine.

In the Gardens

Meander amongst the hidden passageways between the gardens, in particular the orchards where the grass has been kept long, the perfect hide and seek spot! We have lots of space on the lawns for soft toy play or frisbee, or why not try our family challenges in the gardens.

A child smells a flower

Family challenges in the gardens

Use your senses and take on these challenges: • Look for the biggest flower - who can find the biggest? • Discover the smelliest plant or flower - what does it remind you of? • Listen to the bees and insects - make the sounds they make.

In the woodland

Go for a wander down Lady Spencer’s Walk (suitable for buggies and wheelchairs), build a den and run, jump and swing in the woodland play trail.

Children den building in the park

Family challenges in the woods

It's all about adventure with these challenges. • Camouflage Challenge – who can hide the best? • Shelter Challenge - What can you build or create from sticks in the woodland? • Scavenger hunt challenge - How many different minibeasts can you see?

In the Stableyard

Back in the time of the 1600s, the stableyard would have been alive with hustle and bustle of the smithy, chandlery (made candles), brewhouse, dairy, bakehouse and stables. Today, you can find our restaurant for take-away service, gift shop, toilets and lawn space with picnic benches, a lovely space to relax or browse.

A boy enjoys ice cream

Family challenges in the Stableyard

Use your imagination. • Create a story of what you think life would have been like... • Close your eyes, what might you have heard in the 1600’s? What noises and smells? • What would you have in your home if you lived here in the over 400 years ago?

Parkland, Estate, Nature and the Environment

At Hardwick, there are 2,500 ares as part of the parkland to explore. Enjoy beautiful views across the estate stretching your legs and see the sheep and cows. 

Views across the park at Hardwick

Family challenges in the Parkland

Parkland, Estate, Nature and the environment • Cloud and patterns – lie down, look up, what wildlife can you see in the clouds? • Mark out a square with pebbles or twigs you can find on the ground – counting challenge, how many different looking plants can you see in your square? • Close your eyes, what sounds can you hear in our unique woodland pasture landscape • Take a photo of your favourite nature today……

Share your challenges

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