Summer fun for families at Hardwick

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There are plenty of things to do for families at Hardwick this summer. With acres of gardens and woods to explore, there’s always something to do come rain or shine.

In the Gardens

Meander amongst the hidden passageways between the gardens, in particular the orchards where the grass has been kept long, the perfect hide and seek spot! We have lots of space on the lawns for soft toy play, frisbee or kite flying. Relax and enjoy some family time together in the summer sun, amongst nature at Hardwick.

There is plenty of fun and games to be played at Hardwick
Children playing in the Hardwick gardens
There is plenty of fun and games to be played at Hardwick

Take a walk and spot the wildlife

Hardwick Hall is surrounded by over 2,000 acres of parkland, with sheep and long horn cattle lazing about the fields. Enjoy a walk across the landscape and see if you can see these animals that call Hardwick home. Head a little further, you'll come to Hardwick ponds, look across the water to see which water birds you ca spot. Ducks, geese, swans, moorhens or perhaps a heron?

Visitors to the ponds at Hardwick include grebes
A pair of grebes on the pond at Hardwick
Visitors to the ponds at Hardwick include grebes

Print a spotter sheet from home to bring with you

Be inspired and bring a spotter sheet with you, we have lots prepared in advance, depending on your interest, butterflies, wild flowers or woodland wildilfe?

Choose your spotter sheet and explore Hardwick

Enjoy a tasty treat from the restaurant

After a fun filled day of exploring, games and wildlife spotting, enjoy a treat from the restaurant. We'll have freshly baked cakes and scones, refreshing cold drinks and ice cream available as well as sandwiches and other light lunch ideas.

A tray of freshly baked scones being brought out of the oven

Hardwick's Great Barn Restaurant 

Our restaurant is open and is serving hot and cold meals, drinks, sandwiches, light snacks and freshly baked goods. We continue to maintain high standards of cleanliness and till and collection points will be screened. Hand sanitiser will be available should visitors wish to use it. Thank you for making this a safe experience for everyone.