Easter holidays at Hardwick

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt 2019 Dunstable Downs

Birdsong, lambs, the fresh green tint of new leaves, and the scent of spring in the air all make a great backdrop to Easter. Head to Hardwick and make some great memories with friends and family alongside some of nature’s best moments. We're also holding a Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt over the Easter weekend (19 - 22 April).

Something all holiday long

With the school Easter holidays being spread out throughout April, you'll find things to do with the kids most days at Hardwick. There will be craft activities, opportunities to get closer to nature in both the park and garden, and, of course, a fantastic space to take in a big breath of fresh air. 

Discover spring across Hardwick

If you're looking to get outdoors and keep the family busy, follow our trail across the park and gardens, which points out all the spring highlights including the flourishing borders and ever-popular fairy houses – see if you spot Hardwick’s lambs along the way. Finish your walk with a trip to the Great Barn restaurant and treat yourself whilst supporting our vital conservation work.

Follow the walk here or pick up a paper copy from Visitor Reception.

Lambs and their mums can be spotted resting across the Park at Hardwick in the spring
A lamb and sheep rest by a tree in the Park at Hardwick, Derbyshire
Lambs and their mums can be spotted resting across the Park at Hardwick in the spring

Keep your eyes peeled    

Spring flowers will be bursting their buds in the gardens, whilst birds will be busy protecting their nests and newly hatched chicks. During the holidays including the Easter weekend, the spring spotter sheet is a great way for young ones to seek out new signs of life. There’ll be chances to see what the gardeners and rangers are busy doing at this time of year, and join in with them to plant seeds, find bugs and make little bug hotels.

Enjoy some family time in the Hardwick orchards
A family sat in the orchard at Hardwick, surrounded by spring flowers
Enjoy some family time in the Hardwick orchards

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt - 19 - 22 April

It’s not just signs of spring you need to keep your eyes out for. Over the Easter weekend, youngsters can join in the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt along Lady Spencer’s Walk, in the garden or around the park and spot clues to win a delicious Cadbury Easter treat. It costs £3 per person to take part. Head to the Stableyard to take part. 

Join a Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt
2018 Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt logo
Join a Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt

And there's still more to do outside...

The park has some great walks on offer and for families there’s the Welly Wildlife Trail; you’ll be able to find out just how much wildlife there is living around the park and along the way you’ll spot new born lambs. At this time of year there's a good chance it will be muddy so wellies are definitely needed.