Camp at Kipscombe

The countryside surrounding Kipscombe Farm

Set where Exmoor meets the sea and populated with its own herd of Exmoor Ponies, Kipscombe Farm is an awesome location from which to watch the play of waves and wind across the Bristol Channel, to spot lighthouses and ships navigating the seas, and to admire red deer and peregrine falcons in an unspoilt habitat.

The view over Kipscombe Farm
The view over Kipscombe Farm
The view over Kipscombe Farm

8 - 29 August 2018

About the site

Our campsite at Kipscombe is a sloping terraced field with plenty of level pitches, a short walk from the farmhouse and the pub, with composting loos, a firepit and running water.

Our campsite is in a large field, 400m x 100m, just south of the South West Coastal Path, overlooking the Bristol Channel, reached by footpath and access gates.

There is space for up to ten tents and two campervans. Bookings are on a first come, first served basis.

Guests are invited to pick their own spot. Toilets are outside the field – they’re composting toilets, so please follow the instructions inside if you’re unaccustomed to them. The fire pit with log seating is also here – please don’t set fires anywhere else and be careful when cooking near your tent. A standpipe can be found half-way down the field: please be aware that the water is untreated and therefore not suitable for drinking.

Please be aware that there is a barbed wire fence round the field (it is used for sheep and cattle grazing), and that the long grass is a good habitat for ticks – talk to a ranger about dealing with ticks, Lyme disease and Weil’s disease.

For all bookings and enquiries please contact 01598 763402 or