Lime kilns of Exmoor

Summer the hills above Heddon's Mouth near Lynton, North Devon

You can see lime kilns at Combe Martin, Woody Bay, Lynmouth, Watersmeet and at Heddon’s Mouth. These are relics of a huge 19th-century industry supplying lime to fertilise the acidic soil of Exmoor.

Although limestone was quarried locally around Combe Martin, larger quantities were shipped - together with coal for burning - from South Wales. Most kilns were built on harbour sides or beaches to avoid the need to transport raw materials over land.
When it became cheaper to crush the limestone the kilns were no longer needed and have been unused for over 100 years. 
The kiln at Heddon’s Mouth was restored in 1982 and a new boulder wall, built in 1991, now protects the kiln from storms and high tides.