In 2016 we’re saying thank you to Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter – or Mrs Heelis, is part of the National Trust’s DNA. Without her, the National Trust and the Lake District would be a very different place.

An extraordinary woman

Beatrix Potter's passion for writing, for the countryside, for nature, for conservation and farming meant she was a driven and ambitious woman. Keen to work hard and become a published author, which allowed her to acquire property; learn about and understand the countryside & farming. All this was at a time when women were supposed to be soft, gentle and a bit more ‘lady-like’; that set her apart from her peers.  


So much to say thank you for

Of course the Little White Books are her most famous gift to the world, but there are so many other stories to tell. Without her, the National Trust would not be looking after about a quarter of the Lake District today, along with hundreds of Herdwick sheep. Indeed, she was so respected amongst the farming community, she was elected the first woman President of the Herdwick Sheep Breeders Association in 1943, but sadly died before she could take up the post. 


A big birthday  

In July 2016, she would have been 150. So it’s a great opportunity to have the biggest year of birthday celebrations to say ‘Thanks, Beatrix’ in lots of different ways.  
‘Thanks’, for the biggest legacy ever left to the Trust in the North West - 4,000 acres and 15 farms; ‘Thanks’ for meeting up with Canon Rawnsley and starting the germ of an idea, which grew into the conservation movement; and ‘Thanks’ for a certain Rabbit, in a blue jacket, who has played a part in most of our families and our growing up, and is immediately recognisable, all around the world.  
Follow our adventures this year and why not have a look what’s going on across the Lakes, we’d love to welcome you along to some of them. 
We'd love you to play a part online with #ThanksBeatrix to join in the celebrations throughout the year. 
Watendlath Beck in autumn, Borrowdale, Lake District

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