Winter in the Hill Top garden

Garden details at Hill Top in winter, Cumbria

As winter sets in, hard frosts and snowy days bring their own beauty to the garden. Growth has stopped, and for a brief time the garden rests.

But there is much work to be done; pruning, manuring, lifting and dividing and planning. Viburnum tinus is the earliest flowering shrub in the garden, its pink flowers defying the frost and snow.

Winter snow and light bring beauty to the Hill Top garden
Hill Top garden covered in snow

As the new year starts, the first snowdrops appear as a reminder that spring will soon be here.

Next will come the daffodils and the first green shoots on the red Japanese quince as the whole cycle starts over again.

View up the garden path at Hill Top in spring

Spring in the Hill Top garden

The first shoots and buds of the season bring a new beauty to the Hill Top garden.