Objects from our Beatrix Potter collection

The large and varied collection at Hill Top and the Gallery give us a glimpse inside Beatrix Potter's magpie mind. There are some objects over 400 years old, such as antique furniture and original paintings but there are also many more modern items from across the world, all brought to this corner of the Lakes by Beatrix Potter. Each month we’ll be adding a new object on to this list to show you the kinds of things we’re looking after.

Bronze frog statue, 150cm high

March 2019

This bronze marching frog, resides in Hill Top. It does bear a resemblance to Jeremy Fisher but actually pre-dates the tale, so could potentially have inspired Beatrix when creating her popular frog character.

Beatrix Potter's simple spectacles and box

February 2019

This month we're taking a closer look at an item from the collection...these simple spectacles would have been essential for Beatrix as she worked with such minute detail on her sketches and illustrations. As her eyesight diminished in later life it became harder and harder for her to produce the beautiful illustrations.

Anna Maria Dresser at Hill Top Cumbria

January 2019

Happy New Year from Hill Top. This dresser is one of the most significant pieces of furniture in the house as it is featured in the iconic illustration from the Tale of Samuel Whiskers. It was made to order for Beatrix and is described by her in The Old Farmhouse at Hill Top: "Then there is the dresser with crooked legs, and great plates, of blue willow pattern".

This Grandfather clock is still on display in Hill Top's kitchen

December 2018

This longcase clock features in the 'The Tailor of Gloucester' - a story set at Christmas time, hence it being chosen as December's item! The clock can still be seen in the kitchen at Hill Top and is in perfect working order.

Double candle holder from Beatrix Potter's collection

November 2018

As the nights are really drawing in, this double hanging candle holder will come in useful. Beatrix collected items like this that would traditionally be used in a Lakeland farm house.

Figurine of an owl which sits in the New Room at Hill Top

October 2018

With Halloween on the horizon, we thought this owl would be perfect for our October entry. He's hollow and his head is lidded, and you can spook - sorry - spot him upstairs in the New Room at Hill Top.

Miniature oranges found in Hill Top's dolls house

September 2018

These miniature oranges on a plate are from Beatrix's dolls house, which can be found in the Treasure Room at Hill Top. They were used in her illustrations for 'The Tale of Two Bad Mice'. If you peek into the dolls house you might also recognise the baby's cradle, the birdcage, the metal fireplace or a tiny set of spoons. The tale was originally published in September.

A certificate from Penrith Agricultural Society show awarded to Beatrix for her herdwick sheep

August 2018

August is the month for agricultural shows here in the Lake District, so we thought it fitting to feature one of the many certificates Beatrix won for her Herdwick sheep. Beatrix was influential in preserving this hardy breed (the survival of which was under threat at the time) and as such she was the first woman to be elected as President of the Herdwick Sheep Breeders’ Association in 1943.

Steiff Peter Rabbit soft toy

July 2018

This early Steiff Peter Rabbit was originally marketed as 'Farmer Rabbit'. When Steiff acquired the license they were able to re-brand him as Peter because of his blue jacket. There are three of these dolls in our care as part of the Beatrix Potter collection and they're well travelled, having been on loan to various exhibitions over the years.