Objects from our Beatrix Potter collection

The large and varied collection at Hill Top and the Gallery give us a glimpse inside Beatrix Potter's magpie mind. There are some objects over 400 years old, such as antique furniture and original paintings but there are also many more modern items from across the world, all brought to this corner of the Lakes by Beatrix Potter. Each month we’ll be adding a new object on to this list to show you the kinds of things we’re looking after.

Paper Christmas decoration, red bell opening in concertina-fashion

December 2019

What better object to feature for December than a Christmas decoration? Thanks to careful storage it’s still in impeccable condition, and the bright red paper of this concertina-fashioned bell makes it appear much younger than it truly is.

warming pan from Hill Top

November 2019

As the temperatures are dropping below zero this copper warming pan is the perfect object for November: this one is designed to hold hot water and warm the bed before getting in. It is included in a description of Hill Top by the Fairy Caravan characters; 'Over the chair [right of the dresser] hangs a copper warming pan. It and the old steel candlesticks also belonged to Mistress Heelis's grandmother.'

Blue silk dolls dress mounted on a mannequin

October 2019

A great example of how your support helps us look after the collection, no mater whether an item is large or small; this silk dolls dress has been conserved, replacing flowers and protecting the lace by encasing it with undyed net.

A small print from Hill Top which says 'Doctors say kissing is dangerous but nobody ever got sick kissing me.'

September 2019

This little painting from the Treasure Room at Hill Top, has the caption ‘Doctors say kissing is dangerous but nobody ever got sick kissing me’. We are always surprised that Beatrix Potter would have had something like this as part of her collection....what do you think the story is behind this one?!

Doll in basinette from Hill Top Collection

August 2019

This tiny bassinette and doll, from Beatrix's doll’s house on display in Hill Top, features in two of the illustrations in the Tale of Two Bad Mice.

a miniature watering can from Hill Top

July 2019

This mini watering can, just 3cm high, isn't going to get Gardener Pete very far this month. From a selection of miniatures of similar designs to be found in the cabinet in the treasure room, we always expect a tiny pair of ears to be poking out the top!

A rubber Jemima Puddleduck model from the Beatrix Potter collection

June 2019

It's nice weather for ducks at the moment in the Lake District! The animal and merchandise theme continues this month with this rubber Jemima Puddle-Duck model. An early example of rubber merchandise; as you can see, rubber does not age well.

Tailor of Gloucester Mouse bookend from Hill Top

May 2019

This mouse bookend is an early example of the merchandise that Beatrix Potter was cannily creating from the start. It's made from plaster of Paris with a figure of Lady Mouse from 'The Tailor of Gloucester'; modelled by M.M. Jones for Warnes.

A jelly mould in the shape of a lion’s head

April 2019

Perhaps you had a rabbit shaped jelly this Easter? Not at Hill Top...Beatrix has this jelly mould in her collection, in the shape of a lion's head, as you do!