The garden in winter

Killerton's grade I listed chapel with a blanket of cyclamen, Devon

The garden changes through the year but always has something exciting and beautiful to discover, even in winter. Find out what's brightening up the garden this season, and what the gardeners have been up to recently.

A winter welcome from the Head Gardener

Many people think that winter is a quiet time for gardens and gardeners. Nothing could be further from the truth. I personally enjoy the winter months as it is the season in which we get really stuck into some larger projects come rain or shine.

Over the last few months my team has been busy carrying out autumn lawn care - scarifying, spiking and feeding – on our formal lawns as well as starting the epic task of blowing and collecting leaves. We have also carried out some major path renewal work up the Zigzag path. With over 40 tonnes of soil and 7 tonnes of turf used in reconstruction, the path will remain closed over winter to allow the turf to take.

With nesting well and truly over, we have been busy removing trees that have shown to pose problems, are no longer suitable or that are historically inappropriate for the setting. The conifers that surrounded Columbjohn Chapel posed a risk to the chapel building. They were also inappropriate as they blocked views of and from the Chapel. They have now been safely removed. Tree work will carry on over the winter months. Meanwhile the epic task of blowing and collecting leaves started in autumn and will continue into the winter months.

Winter pruning of roses and Buddleja for wind rock will be carried out in December with a further formative prune later in the winter if needed. The Wisteria by the House and Chapel along with the Campsis will be pruned in January.

One of the things I love about Killerton is that there is something for every season. With the leaves off the trees, the upper slopes offer completely different vistas over the surrounding area and are wonderful on a cold crisp day.

Lower down the garden, plants like Sarcococca and Daphne fill the air with their scent and hellebores and snowdrops liven up borders whilst various trees such as Parrotia add splashes of seasonal colour.

Enjoy your visit.

Karl, Head Gardener

Seasonal Highlight - The Chapel grounds

In early January don’t miss the vivid display of cyclamen. Discover this amazing building in its peaceful surroundings, including two magnificent tulip trees and striking hybrid oaks. Planted in Veitch's time, two eye-catching 'champion' Tulip trees can be seen in the chapel grounds. Also of note are two rare hybrid oaks Suberosa and Lucombeana

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