Caring for Killerton

There's a lot to care for at Killerton with over 6,400 acres of estate, including 18 tenant farms, parkland, orchards, woods and the prized garden - and that's just outdoors. Don't forget the Georgian house, 250 cottages, satellite properties, two chapels and the important fashion and object collections. Your support helps us keep these places special, for ever for everyone.

Rangers cut the orchard in summer using scythes.

Orchard upkeep

Find out what the rangers are busy doing during the summer months.

The music room full of Killerton's treasures

Help protect Killerton's treasures

Now the interiors are protected from the rain, we need your help to raise £70,000 to care for some of our most important treasures.

Volunteers, staff and the community gather around Killerton's new roof to say thank you for the support to the roof project

Our roof is not leaking - thank you

The project to care for Killerton is complete and the scaffolding has now been removed. Find out what we've been up to.

Filming BSL clips at Killerton House

British Sign Language tours at Killerton

We're dedicated to improving our accessibility here at Killerton, so that the house and countryside can be enjoyed by everyone. Find out about our work with Heritage Ability to improve our accessibility.

A Daubenton's bat

Bats at Killerton

A team of expert volunteers are making exciting discoveries about the bats that live on the Killerton estate.

Ranger chestnut veteran tree parkland killerton devon

Bringing Killerton Park to Life

The ‘Bringing Killerton Park to Life’ project is seeing lost views revealed, habitats improved and the parkland revitalized with a range of new walks for visitors to enjoy.

Butterfly in Ashclyst Forest, Killerton

Conservation at Killerton

Discover Killerton's wildlife and the conservation work happening on the estate.