Bluebells at Kingston Lacy

Bluebell wood at the National Trust

As spring marches on the bluebells are emerging and creating beautiful carpets of blue in the woodlands across the estate.

The Kingston Lacy estate is one of most popular areas in the county to see bluebells, with thousands of people coming to see the spectacular carpets of flowers.

One of the most popular locations to see bluebells on the estate is at Abbott Street copse. With many veteran trees and deadwood, both standing and on the ground, it offers an ideal environment for bluebells but it has been suffering from untreatable honey fungus in recent years. 

In order to conserve this important woodland and ensure its future we have been working over the winter to create a new plantation next to the existing copse. In total we have planted and guarded 2,500 trees and 1,500 hedgerow trees. Our aim is that this will increase, conserve and improve the biodiversity of this environment whilst providing a woodland that will be managed to provide locally and sustainably sourced timber in the future.

Importantly, the new plantation will also provide a new bluebell route which takes in the top path in the existing woodland. This will help to lessen the damage that the bluebells are struggling to recover from every year whilst still giving visitors the chance to enjoy them.

A map of the new visitor route and plantation can be seen below…

The new pathway and plantation at Abbott Street Copse
The new pathway and plantation at Abbott Street Copse
The new pathway and plantation at Abbott Street Copse

Where can I park?

Designated bluebell parking, in a field, will be available at the Pamphill School end of the Oak Avenue will be open from Saturday 15 April to Monday 6 May from 9am - 5pm. Pamphill Green car park will be set-aside for less-able parking on these dates and times.  It is free to park your car at both of these locations.  

The parking is located off of the B3082 down the Abbott Street turning at Pamphill Dairy. AA directional signage will be installed to help visitors locate the parking.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, dogs on leads are welcome in the bluebell wood. Please be aware that the field used for parking is also used for cattle grazing at other times in the year. For the safety and wellness of the cattle we ask that you pick up or take any litter with you. There will be dog bins provided in the car park.

" Ancient semi-natural woodland (ASNW) in the UK such as Abbott Street copse have halved since the 1930s. Only 2% of British woodlands are ASNW (continued cover since 1600) and often consist of the most diverse woodland habitats. Additionally, overall woodland cover in the UK is 13% (average across EU countries is around 35%). Extending and preserving this habitat is therefore extremely important and the work we have completed will improve and protect this area of woodland for years to come."
- Jake Simpkins, Countryside Ranger at Kingston Lacy

Bluebells can be seen in a number of locations across the Kingston Lacy estate. Abbott Street copse is the most popular, and can become very busy so to avoid the crowds why not try some of the suggestions below...