The garden at Kingston Lacy

A carpet of snowdrops at Kingston Lacy

As the nights draw in and the weather turns colder, things begin to change in the garden at Kingston Lacy. Discover winter flowering plants, sculptural trees and crisp frosty walks through the parkland.

Seasonal highlights

Winter is the perfect time to appreciate the structure of the garden with trees silhouetted against clear skies.

Visit Blind Walk and the Winter Garden to see the brightly coloured stems of many varieties of dogwood which bring a warm fiery glow to the gardens in the winter sunshine. You will also discover the delicate white and pale pink blossom of the winter flowering cherry which appears throughout the winter to lift spirits.

A winter flowering Cherry lifts spirits in January
A winter flowering Cherry at Kingston Lacy
A winter flowering Cherry lifts spirits in January

A walk to Nursery Wood will reveal the pale pink blooms of winter flowering rhododendron, aptly named as they emerge over the festive season. Throughout January enjoy the fantastic scent from the brightly coloured spidery petals of the witch hazel. Visit the Fernery to see the first of the snowdrops emerging with the majority of the snowdrop varieties putting on their best displays throughout February.

The bamboo juxtaposes the delicate snowdrops in the Japanese Garden
Snowdrops amongst the bamboo at Kingston Lacy, Dorset
The bamboo juxtaposes the delicate snowdrops in the Japanese Garden

Work on two of our current restoration projects; the Parterre and the Kitchen Garden Vinery is now complete. You can now see some beautiful spring bedding displays in the new and improved flower beds in the Parterre and the historic vines coming back to life under the warmth of the new glass in the Vinery. .

Every time you visit, buy a raffle ticket or purchase a book from our second hand bookshop, you help us complete important restoration projects like this. Thank you.

Garden of the rising sun

Step foot in the far east as you explore this seven-acre Japanese garden which was created in the early 1900s. Follow Lady Walk and look out for bamboo plants, granite lanterns and an authentic Japanese tea house. Come in the spring for cherry tree blossom, or the autumn for flaming red Japanese maples.

An ancient treasure

This ancient 6.5m-high obelisk casts a shadow over Kingston Lacy’s south lawn, a monument the adventures of William Bankes, the ‘explorer’. Amazingly, the six tonne obelisk took 9 years to be shipped from Egypt to England, helped by the Duke of Wellington.

The Fernery

Why not explore the shaded fernery. Sheltered by yew trees, this early 1900s fernery is home to over 40 different types of fern, how many can you find?  

Nursery Wood

Follow Lime Avenue and you’ll find the arboretum known as Nursery Wood. This area bursts into life during the spring and summer months, with a spectacular display of azalea, camellia, rhododendron and flowering cherry trees. Autumn is a great time to see peeling bark on the paperbark maples.

Kitchen Garden

Don’t miss the Kitchen Garden, which in its hey day was second only to Kew Gardens. You can have a browse and see what’s growing this month and even pick up some fresh vegetables.