Best places for blossom in Kent and East Sussex

In Japan ‘Hanami’, or ‘flower viewing’, is all about enjoying the fleeting beauty of blossom trees as they come into bloom. There’s no better bringer of gratitude for the arrival of spring than the gentle flutter of falling petals surrounding you as you stroll through a garden or orchard. The Japanese even have a name for that, ‘Hana no ame’ or ‘flower rain’, which is when blossom sprinkles down from trees. Come on your own flower viewing adventure as you take a stroll through our gardens in Kent and East Sussex under the ethereal arbours of blossoming fruit trees. Discover apple and cherry blossom in the orchards at Sissinghurst or pear blossom in the orchard at Bateman’s.

Spring blossom against blue skies and Chartwell


The orchard at Chartwell is a charming part of the garden which is also home to their wildflower meadow come summer. There are a large variety of British apple trees in blossom towards the end of April, including the Winston apple, named after Sir Winston Churchill.

A view of the tower from the orchard meadow

Sissinghurst Castle Garden 

You’ll be spoilt for choice at Sissinghurst with two orchards to choose from. There are over 1,100 fruit trees alone in the main orchard near the entrance, which burst into masses of blossom from the end of April. The orchard in the garden is more informal, and naturally planted, with long grass swaying under the trees as spring turns to summer.

Pale pink and white blossom covering the branches of trees with sunlight casting a dappled light onto the path below

Scotney Castle 

The blossom at Scotney Castle greets you as you walk through the tunnel of its dappled shade into the garden towards the Old Castle. These early flowering cherries, Prunus subhirtella 'Autumnalis', frame the views down to the castle ruins. Looking back up at the Mansion it appears to be floating on a cloud of pink blossom.

Batemans Tree Blossom


Blossom can be found on the native varieties of pear, apple and crab apple trees at Bateman’s from mid-April to mid-May. Don’t forget to look out for blossom out on the estate with blackthorn, hawthorn and spindle trees flowering from early March to mid-April.

A view across the gardens at Emmetts Garden with multi colour tulips covering the ground and pink cherry blossom on the trees

Emmetts Garden 

The young cherry trees at Emmetts Garden come into flower in the first or second week of May. Their beautiful pink blossoms are underplanted with a carpet of pink, red, white and black tulips, that are planted to flower along with the cherry trees, for a truly arresting sight.

Blossom on the apple trees in the orchard.

Ightham Mote 

Look out for the pink-tinged cherry blossom on the eastern bank in the garden. In the north pleasure garden, the crab apple blossom is mirrored in the lake. All across the estate blossom bursts to life in the hedgerows.

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