Butterfly walks in and around the South Downs

A butterfly dancing from blossom to flower in a garden or meadow is always a cheerful sight, so why not enjoy a stroll in the sunshine at one of our best butterfly spots on the South Downs. Across historic hillsides and renowned chalk and downland sites, we hope that summer at our places will become even more fluttery as our habitat conservation work continues.

Butterfly in the garden in the summer at Monk's House, East Sussex
Walking trail

Devil's Dyke butterfly walk 

This mile long walk over chalk grassland is overflowing with butterflies, moths and drifts of grassland flowers. Spot the Adonis blue, chalkhill blue and green hairstreak with smaller populations of brown argus, dark-green fritillary and silver-spotted skippers.

A dark green fritillary butterfly warms its wings on a thistle
Walking trail

Cissbury Ring butterfly walk 

Explore the most historic hill on the South Downs and one of the very best butterfly sites in Sussex. Track down bright, beautiful Adonis and chalkhill blues, dark-green fritillaries and marbled whites, as well as the occasional brown hairstreak.

A rare Duke of Burgundy butterfly at Harting Down
Walking trail

Harting Down wildlife walk 

One of the largest areas of ancient chalk downland in our care, Harting Down is a renowned nature reserve and Site of Special Scientific Interest. Follow this 4 mile trail and search for the rare Duke of Burgundy butterfly in early summer.

Fulking escarpment and the village of Fulking below
Walking trail

Walk on Fulking 

Explore a famous beauty spot on the South Downs on this moderate circular walk. Start and finish at the Shepherd and Dog pub. In between refreshments you can explore banks of chalk grassland teaming with flowers and butterflies.

A male dark green fritillary butterfly suns itself on a child’s hand
Walking trail

Newtimber Hill butterfly walk 

A refreshing walk along the crest of the South Downs around one of our best areas for butterflies and wild flowers. Discover Adonis and chalkhill blues, dark-green fritillaries and the silver-spotted skipper.

Marbled White Butterfly

Wildlife on Drovers Estate 

Enjoy all the landscapes of the Downs together in one magical place. Find your way to Hat Hill, an area of chalk downland that's never been ploughed, cultivated or grazed. Rich in wild flowers and insects, in the height of summer look out for blues, skippers and marbled whites.