February half-term in Yorkshire

If you're looking for things to keep the kids busy this half-term, then take a closer look below at what's going on in Yorkshire. We'll be baking campfire bread at Hardcastle Crags if you want to join us, or you can explore Nostell on your bike, with a ride through Joiner's Wood. Where will you visit first?

Families on the blue cycle trail at Nostell

Have an active half-term at Nostell 

Bring your bike and take a ride through Joiner's Wood on our purpose built cycle trail. Ride around the trees, past the lake and out into the parkland. We're sure you won't get tired, but if you fancy a break, come and make a den in the woods .

Three children cook marshmallows on a campfire

Outdoors activities at Hardcastle Crags 

Step into a different type of classroom this half-term. Join us for wild art or cook on a campfire. We'll show you how to light a fire without matches, then make popcorn and bake campfire bread.

A girl having a go at carding wool

Knit and weave at Fountains Abbey 

Step inside Swanley Grange and have a go at traditional crafts like weaving and knitting. Say hello to our six friendly chickens whist you're here and call into the play area on your way home, it's right next to Swanley on the path back to the visitor centre.

Family enjoying the rocks on a winter's day at Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire

Adventures at Brimham Rocks 

Have a scramble over the rocks and see if you can find a giant salamander's footprint. It was left in the rocks over 320 million years ago and is one of many fantastic features to find at this natural play area.

Three children making mud pies in the garden

Get outdoors at East Riddlesden Hall 

Open at the weekend, call into the discovery garden to bake messy cakes in the mud pie kitchen. Wander past the duck pond and set off on a walk along the river - what wildlife can you see at this time of year?