Make the most of Museum Month in Warwickshire

We are celebrating International Museum Month this November in Warwickshire. You can be a part of it by visiting our library as part of a guided tour at Charlecote Park or finding out more about the art collection at Upton House or the tapestries at Packwood.

A view of the long gallery at Packwood

Looking after Packwood's tapestries 

Find out how our tapestries are made, what damages them and how we look after them.

We have over 3000 books

Caring for Baddesley's books 

There are over 3000 books in Baddesley’s Library. Find out how we are looking after them.

Volunteer prepares for book talk in the library at Charlecote

Selling books to save books at Charlecote 

Funds raised in our second-hand bookshop stay at Charlecote and help pay for important conservation work on the precious books in our library.

George Saunders

Conserving the George Saunders Collection 

Find out about some of the work behind protecting the life's work of a Birmingham based tailor

Painting of Venice by Canaletto

An art collection to rival the best 

Discover the treasures collected by Lord Bearsted over his lifetime. From rare porcelain to paintings by a wide variety of famous artists. All on display throughout the house just as they were in Lord Bearsted’s time.