Mass tree planting with our Rangers across the Lake District

Our Rangers, volunteers and local residents gathered together to plant 1400 trees across the Lake District on 10 February 2017. Over 90 people took part at five sites spreading the length and width of the Lakes. The aim was to replace tree cover that has been lost in the past. Many of the wood pastures in the Lakes contain only veteran trees that are coming to the end of their life, and planting young tree species is really important for wildlife. In other areas, we want to manage water and soil better. Storm Desmond in the winter of 2015 left us with a big clean up bill and we're exploring how a different approach to farming land upstream in some areas can favour natural processes. This will help us to make the Lake District landscape we all know and love, more resilient.

A veteran crabapple tree at Glencoyne Park in Cumbria

Planting trees in Ullswater

This February we took part in a special tree planting day where National Trust Rangers, volunteers and local residents gathered together to plant around 1400 trees across the Lake District.

Volunteer plants tree in Coledale Valley, Keswick

Slowing the flow at Coledale

After Storm Desmond we worked with local residents to make the upland landscape more resilient to future extreme rainfall events. The intense rainfall during Storm Desmond caused an enormous landslide upstream of Braithwaite village.

Rangers and volunteers get ready for tree planting at Hoathwaite, Coniston

Woodland restored at Hoathwaite

The south Lakes team recently purchased a new piece of woodland in Coniston but now there is work to do for our rangers and volunteers...

A veteran tree of the future

Planting trees at Fell Foot

At Fell Foot we’re creating a new wildlife corridor habitat. Join us on 10 February, we’d love to see you and talk to you about the project.

Fells and lake in winter at Crummock, Lake District

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