Saturday, 4 August at the Eisteddfod

The National Trust presents… a vibrant programme of talks, music, objects and stories to reflect on our work across Wales.

Richard Neale - Sails Around Wales | 11.30am

Richard Neale is the former coastal project manager for National Trust Wales and will be hosting all of our Eisteddfod SHEDTalks and Performances over the next 7 days. In this opening talk, Richard describes the voyage he made around Wales in 2015 as a means of highlighting some of the coastal issues for the Year of the Sea. This informed the Trust’s Community COASTodian project encouraging people to play a vital part in the preservation of coastal paths, wildlife and beaches.

Guto Roberts – Tales of Cwm Idwal | 2pm

In this talk Guto Roberts the Partnership Officer for the National Trust, will launch Cwm Idwal’s new interpretation pack that has grown from the important partnership between the National Trust, Snowdonia National Park and Natural Resources Wales. It provides vital information on the special character of Wales’ first National Nature Reserve with details of how people have influenced the landscape, the history of place names, the geography and biodiversity of the area, and how this special place has inspired many in the arts.

Justin Albert and Dei Tomos – The National Trust Vision for Wales | 4.30pm

Location - BayArt, 54 Bute Street, Cardiff, CF10 5AF. The NT’s current Director, Justin Albert, will be sharing his thoughts and ambitions for how the Trust can continue its vital conservation work and what opportunities there are to make deeper connections between people and place. He will be joined in conversation by Dei Tomos, the distinguished broadcaster for BBC Radio Cymru.

Music from René Griffiths – Guitar, Voice, Passion | 5.15pm

René Griffiths was born in Patagonia of Welsh ancestors and sings in Welsh and Spanish. A songwriter, singer and guitarist, René’s mixed cultural and musical heritage has resulted in a unique Patagonian hybrid of Argentine rhythms and traditional Celtic music. He is an actor in Welsh film and television and author of the book Ramblings of a Patagonian (2014). Iwan Bala is an established artist, writer and lecturer, exhibiting widely in Wales and abroad. Iwan has published extensively on Welsh contemporary art and for this year’s Eisteddfod, he has curated A Language (is only words), at BayArt in Bute Street, Cardiff. A symposium linked to the exhibition takes place at the gallery on Wed, 8th Aug, at 3pm.

Peter Finnemore - Soundscapes I, II & III | 7pm - 9pm

Soundscapes I, II & III is a series of episodic audio chapters to convey different atmospheres and themes that have strong associations with Wales. These audio journeys revolve around landscape, weather, farming and industry, cultural and sporting icons, politics and language, art and folk memory. The soundscapes are an audio collage relevant to the spirit of the Eisteddfod, while playfully finding new ways to connect different generations and histories. Peter Finnemore is one of Wales’ leading figures in contemporary art. He is best known for his photographic and film work that explores generational memory through his family home in the Gwendraeth Valley; memories that remain topical as much as they are historical. In 2005, he represented Wales at the Venice Biennale.