Late summer gardens in London

The summer's golden rays might be starting to wane, but there are still sights to behold in London's late summer gardens. Seek out the Shagbark Hickory with its soft buttery tones in the grounds of Osterley Park and House or swathes of colour from Morning Glory, phlox and Russian Flag in the cross boarders at Fenton House and Garden. When you wander into our gardens this autumn you keep them looking great all year round.

The Statue of Bacchus in the Cherry Garden at Ham House against a backdrop of Autumn colour

Ham House and Garden 

Take a leaf littered stroll through the Hornbeam Arch and unearth a world of autumn colour in the gardens at Ham House. Then proceed through the Cherry Garden where beautiful boarders of cotton lavender line the paths before discovering colourful squashes growing in the Kitchen Garden.

A view across to the Kitchen Garden at Fenton House, London

Fenton House and Garden 

The high walls that surrounding the gardens at Fenton House make summer sights last that little bit longer. Catch swathes of colour from Morning Glory and Russian Flag in the cross boarders and vegetables growing in the Kitchen Garden.

The Ornamental Vegetable Garden at Osterley Park and House, Middlesex, in September, with the Stables seen in the background.

Osterley Park and House 

Catch the glistening golden hues of Alianthus Altissima in the Great Meadow, then stroll through the formal gardens a witness the sultry shades of the Sassafras. The ornamental vegetable beds are also reaching their productive peak and offer a vibrant feast for both the eyes and stomach.

The north facing Entrance Front of Red House, Bexleyheath, London. Surrounded by shrubbery and trees and bathed in Autumn light

Red House 

Step into the secluded shade of the garden at Red House and discover rich reds and glimmering golds. See the asters and crocossima in bloom around the Bowling Green as damsons, mulberries and quince ripen in the vegetable patch.