Walking on the Isle of Wight

When the sun is shining on a warm, long summer’s day, it can feel like you want to keep walking forever. Hiking high on the downs with panoramic views of a sparkling blue sea, or strolling around the creeks and meadows at Newtown as the sun sets, is an uplifting experience. Our extensive series of downloadable walks takes you to the most beautiful parts of the Island.

Newtown estuary seen through a haze of summer wildflowers
Walking trail

Newtown estuary 

Downloadable, 1.5-4 miles, easy. If you'd like to take a gentle stroll, then why not download our trail for Newtown? It’ll guide you through some of the Island's most beautiful landscapes, along lanes, through woods and into meadows where you can spy butterflies, birds and discover the hidden history of this ancient town.

A calm autumn evening over heather-covered Headon Warren looking out to the Needles

Points of view: Headon Warren walk

Head on up Headon Warren for a breathtaking walk with splendid views of the mainland and a Bronze Age burial mound.

View from Freshwater Bay of Tennyson Down, Isle of Wight
Walking trail

Needles Headland 

Downloadable, 7 miles, challenging. If you’d like to spend time by the sea this summer but don’t want to get wet, then a walk along Tennyson Down could be the answer. From here you’ll see the summer sun glinting on the sea, without getting sand between your toes. This trail is packed with wildlife: look out for butterflies, orchids and sea birds including the peregrine falcon. You’ll also have a great view of the famous Needles rocks.

A common blue butterfly rests on top of a yellow bird's foot trefoil wildflower.

Paradise on the Isle of Wight butterfly walk

Walk the chalk ridge running through the middle of the Isle of Wight and spot wonderful butterflies on one of our best bits of chalk downland, including Adonis blue, small blue, dark-green fritillary and Glanville fritillary.

The beach at Compton, Isle of Wight
Walking trail

ABC of the Downs 

Downloadable, 7.5 miles moderate. Walk across Afton, Brook and Compton Downs and it could take you right back to the Ice Age this summer. Head to the beach for a dip and you might even be lucky enough to spot a dinosaur footcast near Hanover Point.

The trees have been bent by the wind, but all is calm today looking down to Dunsbury Farm

Discover Dunsbury trail

Come with us to discover the Dunsbury area, one of our latest acquisitions. Admire the views, and understand our vision.

An inviting track leads from the lane towards the Long Stone at Mottistone

Mottistone meander: climb to the common

A meandering walk up to the Common with excellent views over the sea and a visit to a mysterious ancient monument.

A wheat field with Compton Bay and the white cliffs of Tennyson Down behind

Mottistone meander: south to the sea

Enjoy an easy walk through delightfully farmed countryside on your way to the coastal cliffs of Sudmoor Point.

The old oratory stands like an extinct lighthouse on top of St Catherine's Down

The monk and the merchant walk

Ships A-Hoy! A breathtaking circular walk steeped in history with spectacular panoramic views across the Island and wildlife to spot.

The lighthouse and cottage at Knowles Farm, Isle of Wight with the sea in the background.

Shedding light on the tip of the Wight walk

Walk our moderately challenging route to the most southerly point of the Isle of Wight, taking in the Island's only surviving onshore lighthouse as you go.

Sheep enjoy the pasture high up on Chillerton Down on the Isle of Wight

Up for the challenge of a Chillerton Down walk?

This walk takes you off the beaten track in the middle of the Island – through woods and valleys, and across the downs with distant sea glimpses to enjoy.

Red squirrel on a tree trunk
Walking trail

Borthwood Copse 

Downloadable, 1.2 miles, easy. A walk through the shady woods is a good way to escape the heat of the summer sun too. Hidden in the dappled shade of the high tree tops of Borthwood you might spy a red squirrel. If you stand quietly, you might spot one looking down on you, or jumping between the branches. We carefully manage the woods here to ensure they have a good crop of hazelnuts, which they’ll bury for winter.

The ancient beacon site on Culver Down is used again, for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Fine Fortifications trail

This short wheelchair-friendly fairly level walk with spectacular views will give you a fascinating insight into the Isle of Wight’s role in wartime defence and intelligence.

Blue sea and a ribbon of sand around Sandown Bay as seen from the cliffs of Culver

Circumnavigate Culver trail

This short but energetic coastal walk, with spectacular views and interesting wildlife, will give you a fascinating insight into the Isle of Wight’s role in wartime defence and intelligence.

The bulk of Bembridge Down, topped by the nobbly Bembridge Fort, is viewed from beneath the sails of Bembridge Windmill

Bembridge and Culver Downs marshes trail

An invigorating walk over the downs and RSPB Brading Marshes reserve, with splendid views of the coast and countryside and the opportunity to visit the Island’s only surviving windmill.

A grassy path entices the walker onto St Helens Duver

Links and ledges walk, discover the Duver

Explore the Duver on this moderately challenging coastal walk taking in the seashore and a picturesque village.

Spring wildflowers bloom by St Helens lagoon, besides the Duver

Down on the Duver

Enjoy a short but varied coastal walk exploring St Helens Duver, a sandy spit of land on the eastern tip of the Island, rich in wildlife and history.

A sunny view from Ventnor Downs looking down through Coombe Bottom to the sea

Ventnor Downs: pre-history to Cold War walk

From Bronze Age burial barrows to secretive Cold War underground nuclear operations, this short but challenging walk will take you down an interesting historical path.

Two dog walkers sit on the grass on Ventnor Downs and take in the wide views

Down South: views of Ventnor walk

Challenge yourself to this short but particularly steep walk and be rewarded with far-reaching views over the Downs and beyond.

Three walkers on Luccombe Down with fine views over Sandown Bay

Down south: Luccombe and the Landslip walk

Admire autumn colours of heather and bracken on this invigorating walk in the south of the Island, with splendid far-reaching views to Culver Down in the east.

Time: 2 hours 15 minutes
Distance: 5.6 miles (9 km) Ascent/Descent: 1100' (333m)