Wildlife in and around East Sussex

With warmer weather and longer days there is an abundance of wildlife to spot at our special places in and around East Sussex. From Bodiam's bats and bees to Scotney's herd, find out about your favourite critters this summer.

A view across summer countryside with cattle grazing at Bateman's in East Sussex

Wildlife at Bateman's 

The Bateman’s estate is home to a host of different wildlife. From dormice to great crested newts and dragonflies to butterflies, our ranger looks after the habitats that help them all thrive.

A view across the moat to Bodiam Castle with summer flags on the bridge

Wildlife at Bodiam Castle

Discover some of the secrets of the wildlife that inhabits the castle grounds this winter and take a closer look at our majestic oak trees that have withstood the test of time.

View of Scotney Castle from the estate

The Estate at Scotney Castle

The estate at Scotney Castle in Kent offers an array of parkland and woodland with perfect picnic spots, hop gardens and a herd of Sussex cattle.

A view of the Sissinghurst estate during autumn

The Estate at Sissinghurst Castle Garden

The estate has 460 acres of beautiful Wealden countryside. With plenty of space to explore, run around, walk the dog or cycle, our meadows are a great place to relax and spot wildlife.

Linnets thrive with extra feeding over winter

Wildlife at Birling Gap

Find out more about the incredible diversity of wildlife at Birling Gap and see how many you can spot

Shrew at Sheffield Park and Garden East Sussex

Wildlife at Sheffield Park

There's so much wildlife to spot on a visit to Sheffield Park and Garden. From birds to butterflies, dragonflies to eels, you’ll be spotting all sorts of wildlife when you come.