Winter wildlife on the South Downs

Winter sees short days and early evenings. But even with some of the wildlife tucked away there is still much to enjoy on the South Downs. The low light of early dewy mornings pick out the epic spiders' webs. On the hills winter mists linger and the outline of leaf less trees are stark against the horizon. This is a perfect time of year to enjoy crisp walks and see what hardy wildlife persists.

Video still image from People's Postcode Lottery film on South Downs

Find out more about our project to help improve our habitats across the South Downs for our native bats.

Brown hairstreak butterfly egg laid on a blackthorn twig

Seasonal highlights at Swan Barn Farm

There's plenty to see in every season at Swan Barn Farm. Keep your eyes peeled for changes throughout the year.

Short-eared owl perched on the ground

Wildlife at Harting Down

Explore the rich variety of downland wildlife here at Harting Down. From the open springy turf to the deep ash and yew woodlands, you're sure to spot or hear some wildlife that lives here on Harting.

A hobby showing its barred chest and long pointed wings

Wildlife in Woolbeding Countryside

Woolbeding's mix of landscapes rise from the river valley up to the heathland on the greensand ridge. They support a great diversity of wildlife; from tiny beetles to soaring birds of prey. Find out about the habitats they live in and what you can spot on your walks.

Fallow deer stag in mist

Winter wildlife at Slindon

Winter is a fine time to experience the wealth of wildlife on offer at Slindon Estate. Crisp, clear days reward those venturing to the high points at the Folly and Bignor Hill with commanding views across the Estate and surrounding landscape.

Evening light on Summerdown

Winter wildlife on the Devil's Dyke and Saddlescombe estate

It might be winter but the outdoors still beckons. The views from the top of the Downs are at their clearest in the cold air and you will see for miles.

Goldfinches on burdock

Winter wildlife at Birling Gap

It may seem quiet but there is wildlife to be found during the winter at Birling Gap