Canoeing in Newtown Harbour

Lady in a kayak at Newtown National Nature Reserve, Isle of Wight

We want you to be safe when you visit our sites and also help us care for them, so we’ve created a guide for experienced canoeists with their own canoes. It highlights the safest places to go, and also how best to protect the fragile environment at Newtown when canoeing.

Protecting nature and yourselves

Newtown’s mudflats, saltmarsh and shingle spits are particularly sensitive areas. They can be easily eroded and also provide important nesting sites for wild birds, such as redshanks, ringed plover and terns which can be disturbed by the landing and launching of canoes. There are also hazardous tides, currents and soft mud that can pose a safety risk when canoeing. This means there are only certain places that are suitable for landing and launching.

A redshank looking for food in the shallow water of the estuary
Redshank standing in shallow water
A redshank looking for food in the shallow water of the estuary

Limited parking

Although Cassey Bridge is suitable for unloading, we ask that you park in the car park at the visitor point and not on the verges. This helps to protect the delicate wildlife that lives in these grassy habitats. Our small boat and canoe guide is available at the visitor point and from the harbour master out on the water. By following the guidance you’ll be helping to protect nesting birds, delicate plants and minimise erosion of the saltmarsh, as well as keeping yourself safe.