Things to see and do at Newtown National Nature Reserve

A view over the quay at Newtown National Nature Reserve, Isle of Wight

You'll find plenty to do here in Newtown National Nature Reserve. There are many perfect spots for relaxing, such as the beautiful harbour or our peaceful woodland. Or for the more adventurous, we have quiet roads and lots of paths for walkers.

Discover wildflowers

Newtown boasts one of the best wildflower meadows on the island, full of lovely orchids in early summertime.
On the Isle of Wight we make a special effort to encourage wildflowers in various habitats.

The harbour

Exploring by boat or just mooring for a while, Newtown harbour is a beautiful place to relax in.


One of the best places to explore by foot on the Isle of Wight is Newtown National Nature Reserve. Many of the paths are flat and easy to walk along, but in the winter they can become a little muddy, so it's worth wearing suitable footwear. 
Two walkers stride out along the harbour wall at Newtown with water on both sides

Enjoy the estuary... Newtown walk

Take a gentle stroll through the varied habitats of the Island’s only National Nature Reserve, and visit a hamlet with a colourful past.


Exploring the nature reserve

Woods and meadows lead down to the edge of the estuary which is a wonderful network of secluded creeks and waterways.

Bird watching

Newtown provides perhaps the best opportunity for bird watching on the Isle of Wight. Our bird hides provide are a great place to get up close to the many species found here and knowledgeable volunteers at Seabroke hide will be happy to help you identify them.

Seabroke bird hide

In the Seabroke bird hide the solar-powered telescope provides live close-up images of birds on a screen, and our volunteers are on hand to identify whatever is to be seen.

The east hide

This is one of two other bird hides overlooking the estuary. The tide is doing its bit to wash the path away but we are endeavouring to maintain it for a few more years.
East Bird Hide at Newtown National Nature Reserve
East Bird hide at Newtown National Nature Reserve, Isle of Wight
East Bird Hide at Newtown National Nature Reserve

Uncover some history

Newtown has a particularly fascinating past with its rotten borough status and salt and brick industries. View Newtown Old Town Hall and find out about the mysterious Ferguson Gang.

The Old Town Hall

View the Old Town Hall to discover more about Newtown’s fascinating history.

Clamerkin pond

This pond, set in a small area of sheltered woodland, is an excellent place to spot dragonflies.