Autumn colours in the garden

Colour in the garden lasts well into the autumn, with Salvias giving a colourful display. Watching the trees change colour across the arboretum and garden make this a very special time of year to visit.

Elegant and bright - red salvias
Red salvias
Elegant and bright - red salvias

Salvia Collection

Nymans is a garden of inspiration and experimentation so, in keeping with this tradition, we have designed and planted an exciting new Salvia border with around 48 different cultivars and species near our rose garden.

The colour and plant combinations last long into the season you ‘ll even see some species such as Salvia leucantha, Salvia elegans and Salvia uliginosa flowering well into November.

Salvias not only look good on their own but sit well with a range of plants such as Dahlias, Penstemon, grasses and Phygelius. Salvias are easily propagated and can be grown in an array of places from pots to long herbaceous borders.    

Autumnal tints across the arboretum
The arboretum at Nymans
Autumnal tints across the arboretum


This time of year you’lll be wowed by the spectacular display that the trees provide in the form of autumnal colour in the arboretum.

The Messel family started planting this part of the garden in the 1890s and you can still see some of these trees today. Autumn colour is provided by Quercus rubra, Liquidamber and Taxodium distichum.

A good tree for providing autumn colour in a small garden is Stewartia. One tree of notable interest you may spot on the way to the woods is Quercus suber the cork oak; this particular tree was planted in 1906, and the species is now endangered in its Southern Europe homeland. 

Download a map of the garden and woodland before you visit.

Map of the garden and woodland (PDF / 3.283203125MB) download

Colourful dahlias last well into autumn
Colourful dahlias last well into autumn
Colourful dahlias last well into autumn

Autumn Colour

You might think that when it comes to autumn the only colours in the garden are the golds and burnt oranges of the trees. But Nymans is full of exciting and interesting plants still in flower into the cooler darker days. You will find the purple and blues of Asters complimenting the yellows and reds of Dahlias on the summer borders, the exotic flowers and shapes of the Chilean collection in the wall garden with the vibrant bark of Luma apiculata and the sweet smelling flowers of Eucryphia moorei  always a big draw.

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