Filming & Photography at Nymans

The summer border in July at Nymans

Nymans' garden and wider estate can provide a variety of locations for all kinds of filming and photography. We also host a number of private engagement, wedding and pre-wedding shoots within our grounds.

Wedding and engagement filming and photography

All photoshoots and filming shoots within the grounds of Nymans must be agreed in advance with the National Trust. As a charity, fees are a valuable source of income for us and help us to look after what makes Nymans so special.

All photoshoots must be arranged at least 7 working days before the shoot takes place.  

If you are looking to take engagement or wedding photos in the grounds please call Lisa Davies on 01444 405254 or email or 

If you are getting married at Nymans and would like to take photos in the grounds please speak to our wedding co-ordinator, Sophie Sherriff on 07732 063906 or email her at and she will arrange the shoot directly with the National Trust.

Commercial shoots and filming

For all commercial shoots, including film and fashion shoots, please contact the central National Trust Filming and Locations Office. For commercials, short films, editorial stills, advertising stills and documentaries please email the team. They will ask you to complete a short form to be returned to them with a copy of your Public Liability Insurance showing cover of a minimum of £5m.

For TV dramas and feature films please call the Filming and Locations team first on 020 7824 7128 or 020 7824 7129. Upon receiving details of your proposed shoot, we will be able to discuss availability and fees.

Student filming and photography

Where possible, we try to support students with their filming and photography coursework. The shoot would need to form part of your formal study, with your school or college providing you with Public Liability and Indemnity (PLI) insurance.

Please email us with details of your proposed shoot and we will happy advise if it is something we can accommodate. Please note that all shoots do need to be pre-booked and you will be asked to sign a booking form confirming that the images will only be used for study purposes.

News crews and radio

Please email or phone on 01444 405254