Nymans commemorates the end of WW1

Leonard Messel and The Buffs

To commemorate the centenary of the end of WW1, we will be displaying two uniforms. One is a uniform of the East Kent Regiment (known as The Buffs) which belonged to Leonard Messel. The other is a dress uniform from the Royal Sussex Regiment, worn by Leonard’s brother Harold.

The Buffs

Leonard achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the East Kent Regiment and Harold was a Lieutenant in the Royal Sussex Regiment. The brothers were prohibited from serving overseas due to their German ancestry, but on the 14th Oct 1914, Leonard was appointed Captain, 4th (Reserve) Battalion, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) for home service only.

He trained hundreds of men for service overseas and was held in high regard amongst his regiment and peers. He demonstrated great generosity to his men, often sending them care packages and helping them acclimatise to civilian life after the War by providing employment opportunities and references. He received hundreds of letters from his men and their families, copies of which will also be on display.

The uniform will be on display from 5 November - 16th November, 11am - 3.30pm.