Half-term fun at Nymans

Children in long grass in the garden

The garden and woods are perfect for some nature themed exploring. With lots of colourful plants, woodland and beautiful views there's something to keep everyone entertained this half-term.

Exploring nature 

Have your own nature adventure spotting the many plants, trees, birds and animals living in the garden and woods. When you visit, whether it's for a long walk in the woods or a pause in the garden while you take in the view, take time to listen to birdsong, look up into a tree or smell a flower.

Visit the welcome hub when you arrive to see what nature explorer activities you can try.

Explore nature this half-term
Children looking up into tree in woodland
Explore nature this half-term

Clay Creatures

Take inspiration from plants and wildlife to create a nature friend to take home using natural materials and air-dry clay.

While out in the garden or woods look for some fallen petals, pieces of bark or unusual shaped twigs to add to your creature. You could make it some leaf wings or give it really big petal eyes. 

Local artist John Thompson will be on hand to assist in the potting shed.

Sat 25 May to Sun 2 June, 11am - 4pm.  £1.50, normal admission applies.

Make a clay creature this half-term
A spider made from clay and twigs
Make a clay creature this half-term

50 Things

Spring is a great time to have a go at some of the 50 things to do before you're 11¾. Pick up a magnifying glass and try a spot of bug hunting - look out for butterflies resting on flowers or ants marching across a wall. 

The different coloured and shaped petals which have fallen to the ground are perfect for creating your own natural art picture, or grab a stick and thread them on as you wander through the garden to make your own nature wand.

For more ideas pick up your own scrapbook from our welcome hub and collect some stickers.

Come and create your own picture from natural materials
A flower picture made from petals
Come and create your own picture from natural materials