Half-term fun this autumn

Child walking in autumn leaves

The garden and woods are perfect for some autumn inspired fun. With colourful trees, autumn leaves, a pop-up pumpkin patch and our family trail, there is something to keep everyone entertained this half-term.

Pop-up Pumpkin Patch 

This half-term come and find the pop-up pumpkin patch in the garden where you will be able to join in some pumpkin themed activities and games.

Join a pumpkin rolling race or see how many pumpkins you can find. Have a go at pumpkin colouring activities or challenge your friends and family to a game of pumpkin skittles. 

Have fun in the pop-up pumpkin patch
Girl picking up a large pumpkin
Have fun in the pop-up pumpkin patch

Autumn Adventures

The garden and woods has a large variety of different tree species and this produces a kaleidoscope of colourful leaves in autumn. Come and enjoy the fun and beauty of autumn.

Collect colourful leaves                       Pick up pine cones

Watch a leaf fall from a tree                Make a leaf picture

Weave leaves on a twig                     Catch a leaf blowing in the wind

Walk through a carpet of leaves         Create an autumn mobile

Have fun collecting autumn leaves
A stick with autumn leaves threaded on
Have fun collecting autumn leaves

Bulb Planting

Come and get stuck into some gardening with our drop-in bulb planting workshop. 

Grab yourself a pot, fill it with compost and then pick out your crocus bulbs to carefully plant. Add a label to your pot ready to take it home. Look after your plants during the winter and in the spring you will have some colourful crocus to enjoy. Our volunteers will be on hand to help you and we will provide all the materials you need.

Mon 22 to Fri 26 Oct, 11am - 3pm. £1.50 per pot, normal admission applies.

On Tue 23 Oct come and join our woods team to make your own little wooden plant label to add to your pot. 11am - 3pm, free, normal admission applies.

Come and plant your own crocus bulbs
Children gardening, filling pots with compost
Come and plant your own crocus bulbs


Letter from the garden family trail

What do you think the unusual topiary shapes look like?  Find and describe features of the garden on our letter inspired trail.

Spot things in the garden from just their silhouette and discover your special plants on a word hunt. You can then design your own logo and illustrations to use on a letter.

As our trail has no set route you can explore the garden in any order and be as quick or as leisurely as you wish. Pick up the trail from our welcome hub from 10.00am to 3.30pm.

£1 per trail, normal admission applies.

Have fun in the garden this autumn
Girl running in the garden by topiary hedge
Have fun in the garden this autumn


50 things

Autumn is a great time to check off several of your 50 things to do before you're 11 ¾. Our top choices for the season are:

6. Run around in the rain - splash in some puddles or see how many rains drops you can collect.

18. Create some wild art - the colourful fallen leaves and twigs are great for making pictures.

31. Hunt for bugs - check out what's under the damp leaves or wriggling on the soil.

33. Catch a falling leaf - its not as easy as it sounds.

34. Track wild animals - venture into the woods and look for animal prints in the muddy paths.

For more ideas collect your scrapbook and stickers from our welcome hub.

What will you spot while exploring
Children looking at something on the ground
What will you spot while exploring