Nymans winter colour

During late winter the garden starts to come to life with flame coloured cornus stems, scented daphne and colourful camellias flowering throughout the garden.

snowdrops in the woodland
snowdrops in the woodland

Snowdrops & bulbs

Spot snowdrops in the top garden and woodland as well as delicate witch-hazels in the walled garden. Buds burst into bloom as winter gives way to early spring.

Beneath the soil, bulbs reach for the light and flame coloured cornus, scented daphne and colourful camellias fill the garden with a subtle perfume and colour. 

Autumnal walks through Hanbury's gardens.
Autumnal walks through Hanbury's gardens.


Nymans has so many different walks to choose from, whether it be a healthy trek through the woodland or a more gentle stroll around the garden.

Join a guided walk with one of our garden rangers and find out more about the story behind the creation of this well loved garden. The rangers will point out seasonal highlights or you can join a more formal guided walk with one of our Rangers or Head Gardener on a seasonal highight or tree id walk. You can find more information on our events page.   

Standen's tulips


Our favourite combination from last year were the pink petals highlighted with an apple green flash of Tulipa ‘Greenland’. Partnered with the coppery orange and purples of the perennial Wallflower, Erysimum ‘Winter Orchid’ this was a winning combination.

This year we are excited about are new spring borders which will feature a mixed planting of shrubs, herbaceous perennials and bulbous plants. They will include long lazy drifts of tulips down the entire length of the 80 meter borders.

Our favourites Tulips include the dazzling Tulipa ‘Orange Brilliant’ teamed up with the sumptuous deep beetroot of Tulipa ‘Caravelle’.

Our gardeners are internationally renowned for their high standards
National Trust gardeners at work at Cotehele, Cornwall

Design tip

When planting in large pots layer your tulips to produce a succession of colours through April and May.

Plant your latest flowering bulbs lowest in the pot and ensure each layer of bulbs do not touch.  An example would be planting the late flowering almost black Tulipa ‘Paul Scherer’ first, followed by  the large creamy Tulipa ‘Purissima’ and finally the earliest flowering of the bunch beetroot coloured Tulipa ‘Caravelle’.

A good growing tip is to plant your tulips up to 20cm deep and as late as November or December as this encourages them to repeat flower and lessens the chance of fungal infections.