Start your 50 things adventure today

Children looking at creatures captured in pots

The garden and woods are a great place to start your 50 things to do before you're 11 ¾ adventure. Grab a scrapbook from our welcome hub to check out what you could try today. Here are some of our top activities.

No.18 create some wild art

The fallen petals, leaves and twigs found throughout the garden are perfect for making your own art. There are so many different shapes and colours that, with a little imagination, you could create almost any picture or sculpture.

Come and create your own picture from natural materials
A flower picture made from petals

No.4 build a den

Our little wooded area behind the second-hand bookshop has plenty of twigs and leaves to get you started on making your den. You could also try making a mini den to complete No.36 make a home for a wild animal.

Build a den
Mother and daughter building a den in the woods

No.31 hunt for bugs

The gardens and woods are full of a variety of bugs, from wiggly worms to beautiful butterflies. Borrow a bug book to see if you can identify what you see. Please remember to leave the bugs in their home when you have finshed looking at them.

Bug hunting
Child looking at a bug in an insect catcher

No.44 go bird watching

Borrow some binoculars and see what birds you can spot in the gardens. Robins are often seen perched on a plant label or maybe you will glimpse a Blue Tit darting in and out of the bushes.

Go birdwatching
Girl in field looking through binoculars

During summer there are several other activities you could enjoy. See who can get the best tune from a grass trumpet or who can make the longest daisy chain. The soft grass is a good spot for having a try at going on a bare foot walk.

Take the chance to feel the grass between your toes
Close up of child's bare feet amongst grass