Summer in the woods

Dappled light filtering through an Oak tree

Trees are well and truly in leaf with some species, providing a great nectar source for butterflies and bees. The leaves create cooling shade and dappled sunlight filters through to the woodland rides. Ferns have begun unfurling their brilliantly intricate fronds and are starting to stretch out and splay in the shadier parts of the wood.

The delicate colours of the common blue butterfly
Common blue butterfly in the woodland
The delicate colours of the common blue butterfly


Walking through the woods is truly a delight. Butterflies flit down the ride edges looking for nectar and potential mates. There are many different species to spot in the woods including brimstones, commas, red admirals and orange tips to name but a few. Green veined whites, so called because of the striking green veins on its wings, have been spotted breeding on site.

Demoiselle in the woodland
Demoiselle in the woodland
Demoiselle in the woodland


A first for the year which was recently spotted is the beautiful demoiselle damselflies, the only species of damselfly in Sussex that has wholly coloured wings. This species is found at Nymans in good numbers. Beautiful demoiselles like a habitat that has fast-flowing water with a stony bottom and abundant bankside vegetation, with a particular like for alder.

Summer woodland Trail

Download our summer woodland walk to see what's looking good in the woods throughout the summer months.

Sunlight bursting through the tree top in the woods

A downloadable summer woodland walk 

Exploring Nymans gardens can be complemented by a walk around the surrounding estate, an area of the High Weald, designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1983.

Dragonflies are a popular sight

Dragonflies in the woodland

Nymans will be joining many other properties around the London and South East region on July 6th in a dragonfly specific bioblitz. With the help of volunteers we'll be gathering data on dragonfly species in the region which will help management strategies on future habitat management.

Primroses in springtime

Springtime in the woodland

Springtime in the woodland.

The plant centre at Nymans

Summer in the Plant Centre

Proceeds from the Nymans Plant Centre go back into looking after this special garden for everyone to enjoy.

Colourful summer borders in the gardens at Nymans, West Sussex

Summer borders at Nymans

From planting out in early May, until the first frosts of autumn, the display in the Wall Garden is a feast for all the senses.