Things to see in the garden in winter

Visitors in the gardens at Nymans, West Sussex.

Whether it’s a misty, grey day or a bright blue sky with snow on the ground, these are the highlights of a visit to the garden in winter:

Nymans winter walk packed full of colour and scent all winter long
Nymans winter walk
Winter walk

Crammed with plants for winter interest, winter walk is just the place to enjoy subtly colourful flowers such as Hellebores and Pulmonaria and the heady scent of Witch Hazels and Daphnes.

The heather collection at Nymans
The heather collection at Nymans
Winter-flowering heathers

The heather garden puts on a wonderful winter display from December onwards. Planted in large drifts for more impact, huge beds of heather burst into colour and brighten up the shortest days of the year.

snowdrops in the wall garden at Nymans
snowdrops in the wall garden at Nymans
Snowdrops in the wall garden

A dusting of snowdrops and snowflakes can be found in both the top garden and wall garden. Conditions for this year’s flowers haven’t been ideal, with flooded ground, but you can still spot scatterings of the elegant little flower throughout the garden.

Meadow grassland in front of The Pinetum, home to the conifer collection at Nymans, West Sussex
The pinetum - home to the conifer collection
Evergreen conifers in the Pinetum

The conifer collection in the Pinetum is home to a collection of colourful conifers. On clear days, stunning views can be seen from the temple out towards the South Downs.

The wild garden in spring
Nymans wild garden
Wild garden

A lot of our more rare and unusual plants can be found in the wild garden. In winter the scent of witch hazel fills the air and early Rhododendrons are a feast for the eyes. This wonderfully informal part of Nymans will leave you enchanted.

Hellebores in the wild garden at Nymans
Hellebores in the wild garden at Nymans
Top border

Although modest in size, the winter borders pack a punch with electric blue Pulmonaria, colourful Hellebores, Daphnes, Witch Hazels and Chimonanthus. Take in both wonderful colours and scents as you walk along the pathways.

View of Nymans house from the main lawn.
View of Nymans house from the main lawn.
Views from the main lawn

The lawn in front of the house offers the best spot for views across the surrounding countryside, with spectacular ruins and topiary yew hedging on one side and the South Downs on the other. Chanctonbury ring can be seen perched on the Downs through the trees to the south-west. The centrepiece is the fabulous 160-year-old Cedar of Lebanon.

Topiary in front of the house at Nymans
Topiary in front of the house at Nymans
Discover our topiary

Throughout the garden you'll find examples of both formal and creatively shaped  topiary.  From the yew globes around the fountain in the wall garden, with topiary lions guarding the entrance, to birds on the terrace in front of the house.

The bamboo walkway at Nymans
The bamboo walkway at Nymans
Bamboo walkway

Year round evergreen bamboos, colourful canes and a boardwalk made from wood sourced in the woodlands - the boardwalk is accessible for everyone – all year round .

Garden Compost

We're passionate about composting and have a well-established system. Winter is a great time to learn how to compost at home and by the spring you're ready to go. Look round our compost zone and find out more about how to create a great compost system at home.

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