Volunteering with us

Richard Chapman

To mark National Volunteering Week in June 2018, we asked one of our volunteers to talk about their experience of volunteering at Nymans.

What do you get from volunteering with the National Trust?

I retired in 2005 and decided then that it was time to do something completely different so I began life as a volunteer as a Room Steward for Nymans. The past 13 years have given me a real sense of satisfaction and achievement, particularly when you’ve given a visitor information they’re looking for and you can see they’re happy and enjoying their time here. Some of the stories I’ve heard from visitors over the years have been a particular pleasure.

As a volunteer when you’ve volunteer over 50 hours a year you are given free admission to NT places in Britain. I’ve now been to 340 properties all around the country. The Trust looks after a lot of fantastic places and each place is individual. Nymans is definitely up there as one of my favourite places and Little Moreton Hall and Biddulph Grange are pretty special too.

What's been most memorable?   

Some of the coincidences. I always make a point of asking people where they have travelled from when they visit Nymans and have come across visitors from remote villages at the other end of the country, but who have a friend who knows my wife. Or, the time when I met a group of visitors who knew six of the people I’d been to school with in the 1960s. Its things like that – chance encounters that really make you smile and meeting people with diverse backgrounds and interests.

What's your favourite object in the Nymans collection?

I really enjoy the EH Shepard drawing of Nymans that he did here in 1927. It’s something I can relate to and it’s really special.

To find out more about volunteering at Nymans, please contact Nymans@nationaltrust.org.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.